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Piloting a Data-Driven Multisector Framework to Address the Overdose Epidemic

October 24, 2022

Drug overdose deaths have continued to rise in the United States. The number of overdose deaths increased by 30% from 2019 to 2020 and rose another 15% from 2020 to 2021. A majority of these cases have involved opioids, and recently, the number of cases involving psychostimulants, such as methamphetamine and cocaine, have also risen.

Many experts have suggested that addressing the overdose epidemic requires collaborative multi-sector partnerships between public health and public safety sectors. By coordinating local efforts, communities can bring together diverse perspectives and expertise and improve interventions for example, in harm reduction and linkage to care. In turn, they may be better positioned to leverage existing resources to enhance overdose prevention strategies.

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CDC Foundation Announces Public Health And Safety Team (PHAST) Funding Recipients

July 6, 2022

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, in 2021, over 107,000 overdose deaths occurred in the U.S., the highest number recorded in any previous year. In the face of such statistics, there is a critical need to sustain and renew efforts to address this crisis. To have a lasting impact, overdose response and prevention requires coordination across multiple sectors and agencies, each bringing unique expertise, knowledge, and data to drive action.

The Public Health and Safety Team (PHAST) Framework and Toolkit was initially developed in 2019 by the CDC Foundation, in collaboration with CDC for use by local jurisdictions. Government agencies in cities, counties, and tribal communities are well-positioned to adopt and implement overdose prevention strategies, leverage existing strengths, and address local-level needs.

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